Terms & Conditions

  1. By entering an Athlete or a team of Athletes in the Battle in the Bay Competition the club manager and / or coach / and or parent that enters the Athlete confirms that:
    a. They have obtained from each of the Athletes (or their parents or guardians) permission to participate in the Battle of the Bay Competition; 
    b. each Athlete entered by the club manager / coach / parent is fit and capable of participating and understands the risk of competing in the competition; 
    c. in the event of injury occurring to an Athlete, Bay Twisters In-corporated (as the organiser of the event) will not be held in way liable for any costs, loss or damage that the Athlete or club may incur.
  2. Each club manager / coach / parent further agrees that: 
    a. photos and film of Athletes may be used on social media, websites advertising and promotions to showcase this event and to advertise future events; 
    b. all Athletes will strictly comply with the Event rules, NZCU rules and regulations and all Venue entry requirements. All Athletes understand that smoking and the consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  3. The club manager/coach has ensured that the music is suitable and fits within the time frame, and that the routine is suitable for the ages/abilities of the athletes.
  4. Please make sure your payment is received in full by that payment periods due date or you will be charged the fee of what date your payment is received. 
  5. If you have not paid by the due date, then your registration may be withdrawn. 
  6. Sorry, after 17th July there will be no refunds. Should you choose to pull out and/or not compete, full payment will still be required.
  7. The organizers reserve the right to ask anyone, they feel is behaving in a non-social manner, to leave the event without a refund or compensation.

    By selecting submit you agree to the terms and conditions above and agree to the competition rules.